Monday, 10 October 2011

Sleeping Beauty-The story continues...contraption

But as Beauty dreamt, she was awoken with a jolt. A fearsome creature barred their path, with eight heads and an enormous amount of ferocious teeth. It stood on the border between them and the ever sweeping brooms.

'You shall not pass!' the creature said fiercely. 'Well, not unless you know the magic password.'
The children hadn't a clue.
'Erm, abracadabra?' tried the girl
The FEROCIOUS creature made a face.
'Pah!' it said
'Erm, HIBERNATE!' tried the boy. The creature just rolled its eyes,
and showed even more teeth.
'Ha! Too late for that!' it hissed.
Beauty sighed and pulled out a CONTRAPTION from an unseen pocket and pulled the trigger.
There was a hiss and an explosion of light...


tiny foot design said...
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tiny foot design said...

i really like the way u have communicated the idea through the illustration...i would like to know few it hand drawn and photoshoped?