Monday, 21 March 2011


Words just designed to make you want to throw down your un-bought shopping and punch somebody. Oh, it's a supermarket and somebody is unexpectedly trying to buy something. How could they have expected that? It would be unreasonable to apportion blame for that. I wonder when it might be expected? As the phrase blares out over and over from each and every self service area, I start to wonder how many times it will take for them to become aware of it and expect something...?
Maybe one day, just maybe, they might, just tiny teeny weeny might expect something random like that to happen. But it may be a while.
I love it that they follow up with 'PLEASE WAIT FOR ASSISTANCE'
Ah! Now I understand! That's why there are no staff at the checkout! They're all busy being surprised by hundreds of unexpected items and shoppers in the bagging area!
'Bagging area.'
Where did that come from? 'bagging area'
It should be called 'pointless hell designed by supermarkets to make your life just a little bit more crap area.' Maybe it's a bit long but there are products called things like I really can't quite believe that it's not imitation hydrogenized fat, so why not?
It's the area you can never checkout from.
It's the area where people mill about mindlessly putting things in bags, then removing them before shuffling guiltily to the next bagging area and doing it all again. Can it become addictive? I think we should be told.
After repeating the process several times, go and wait in the long queue of ex-bagging area-ites.

Bright orange uniforms are used for the subliminal fear. The idea of having being transported to Guantanamo Bay, is quickly suppressed, but the sneaking suspicion remains, thus keeping complaints to a minimum. I suppose I could just let it go.....?


'cultivate' for IF.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011


Here's a bit of an experiment. I seem to doing lots of experimenting! This guy has been known to create a bit of a stir, i'm sure..

Sunday, 6 March 2011

warning sign

"Information given in a triangle bordered with red is a warning sign." This is directly quoted from the highway code. far as I remember. So clearly this illustration has extra gravitasSo much gravitas that it may sink in fact. Or is that gravity? I get them mixed up. Actually, thinking about, just a little, gravity can't sink an illustration. I hope someone edits this soon so it all makes sense......