Thursday, 8 September 2011

Mysterious, Sleeping Beauty, the saga!

After a bit of a break, due to small children insisting on having a long summer holiday, it's back! I didn't want to miss anything so all the last words are in there. Cunning. Mysterious even!

Sleeping Beauty: Mysterious.

....but Beauty's thoughts began to run away with themselves. The ever sweeping broom took a rest, and then finally a snooze. Somewhat unusually for an ever sweeping broom, it snored all sorts of letters not just zzzzz's. Nobody knew that, because a never sweeping broom had never been to sleep before. The letters formed themselves into words, -words that Beauty knew not: imperfect, swell, influence, disguise. Beauty was pretty sure that influence must be like sneezing, but she didn't know the others.

It was most mysterious. She hoped that the broom would wake and sweep them all away.

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Diplo_Daddy said...

A green Sleeping Beauty....