Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Remedy -The story of Sleeping Beauty

Continuing the story of 'Sleeping Beauty'

The Story so far...
Whilst wandering through the forest one dark night the children discovered a sort of sleeping beauty. Well, not very beautiful, but definitely sleeping. Or so they thought. The sun started to show its golden rays and shadows crept across the forest floor. 'Should we take it home?' they wondered, 'it might be hungry...'
As the sun warmed the creature's back, it yawned and opened its eye.
"What are you doing in my forest?' it demanded, 'have you got a ticket?'
The children had never been asked for a ticket in the middle of a forest before.
'Er, not on us,' they replied, nervously
Sleeping beauty stood up.
'Oh,' he said, 'oh well, never mind then. You can give it to me later..'
He looked a little sad though.
'What's the matter?' asked the children, 
Beauty sighed.
'it's just I swept the forest last night and now look at it! Every day it's the same, sweep the forest and then, when i'm asleep, wazzoom! -more leaves. My broom is nearly worn out.'
The children looked at the broom. It was very tired looking. They wondered how they could help him.........
They thought and thought and then finally the girl said 'We have two choices. We can either go across the pond to the forest of never-falling-leaves, or I have heard about a broom that does all it's own sweeping. Lets get in the boat and we can decide.'
Beauty settled down in the boat and thought, while they sailed through the day and the midsummer night and sang to the stars and the moon.

'Ahhh! Sweet music!' swooned the moon, who had been feeling a little off-colour. Recently there had been far too many cows jumping, and she had a headache. The music soon made her feel better though and she cast her light on them. She wondered how she might help them....

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